Tuned In

An intersectional feminist cooperative based in Burlington, VT dedicated to shifting power within the music industry.




The Tuned In collective seeks to serve as a vehicle to transform the music industry, starting at the community level. By explicitly prioritizing marginalized voices, creating safe and inclusive spaces and building trusting durable relationships we can create a thriving and sustainable community within the music industry and beyond.



Foster safer and alternative spaces to encourage diverse, unhindered expression and systems of accountability

Shift power and resources to generate collective abundance and remove barriers to engagement

Broaden our analysis of intersectional feminism to ensure we are developing holistic solutions   

Build community through co-creation and durable, trusting relationships  


“We must always strive to lift as we climb.”

Angela Davis | Political Activist


Where We Are Now 

Born out of the shared love of music and a faith in its capacity to nourish and inspire, the Tuned In collective was initiated in January of 2017 in Burlington Vermont as a space for women, gender non-conforming, femme and trans musicians to create music and connect. From these gatherings emerged various intersecting experiences of marginalization within our local music community. Within a time of such tremendous political turmoil and social unrest the Tuned In Collective aims to be directly challenging power structures that permeate the music industry.

We are in our start up phase now and over the next year will be extending our network, hosting events and building upon our member services. We are delighted to welcome all of our community who  are committed to justice, equity and transformation. Become involved through monthly meetings and become a member



Take action... we are! 

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