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Intersectional Feminism

Generate holistic solutions to combat diverse experiences of marginalization

The term intersectionalism was coined by American civil rights advocate Kimberlé Williams Crenshaw. This term was intended to highlight and describe overlapping social identities and related systems of oppression, domination, or discrimination. This term continues to serve as a lens with which to understand the deep, interconnected and interdependent nature of marginalization. It allows us to not only address patriarchy as a root cause of our shared struggle but also to address other power structures that are at work to concentrate power including capitalism, white supremacy, and the legacies of colonialism.

Multilayered aspects of an individual’s identity lead to varying and distinct experiences of marginalization and privilege .



Member Owned Cooperative

In an effort to be a vehicle for transformation, the cooperative model is one of the few business models that intentionally serves as a stepping stone out of capitalism towards collectivism and abundance. Our country has a thorough history of cooperative and collective movements which directly challenged capitalism and eliminates the power dynamic between employer and employee by centering shared values of collaboration, participatory democracy and co-creation above all else.

The model that we are developing will be intended to be distributive, meaning that it can be applied to many fields, as cooperatives are inherently collaborative with one another across sectors. We hope to be a part of the larger cooperative movement that holds a vision of economic justice.  We will be designing our membership structure to involve members in decision making processes and to create a business that promotes equity and transformation.