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Monthly Meetings

To get involved with the Tuned In Collective be sure to attend one of our monthly meetings. Our monthly orientation meetings are an opportunity to learn about the collective, create connections and get specific about avenues for involvement. Find the next meeting on our calendar


Member Services

Through collective maintenance we can build our own systems of support.

We are thrilled to be launching our membership program in January of 2018. Throughout our first year we will incrementally increase services available to our membership base. As we are just getting started will we will be relying upon grants and community contributors, but throughout the year we aim to move to an entirely member funded and maintained cooperative. The larger our base of members, the more accessible we will be able to make our services.

Membership, which will be a sliding scale of $10-$30 a month will allow members access to:

  • Workshops

  • Skill shares

  • Events

  • Promotion of personal content

  • Affordable gear and practice space rental

Inquire about becoming a member! 


Community Impact Projects

While our efforts are initiating within music spaces, we understand our vision of transformation and community to extend beyond our musical endeavors. Along with providing tangible services to our membership base, tuned in will serve as vehicle to bring intersectional feminism into our community at large. We understand that combatting capitalism, patriarchy and white supremacy, and shifting power will depend upon engagement with the community at large. Below you will find some of our upcoming projects and collaborations. 



Projected Projects


Creating a Burlington specific safer spaces policy: This policy will work to learn what safety means to folks from a variety of identities and life experiences. We will hope to develop a program to implement in our spaces and to work with local venues to create safer experiences  

Cross-Field Collaboration

Collaborating across fields: We understand the way that music is a puzzle piece to our community. We hope that by moving resources into our musical networks we can support collaboration with videographers, photographers, and many others. 

Girls Rock VT

A collaboration with Girls Rock Vermont, a non-profit that organizes camps for young women to learn instruments and form bands.



"We must always strive to lift as we climb."

Angela Davis | Political Activist


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